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06/08/2009 - Venice Design Week to design akademie berlin

June 19 to 30 in Aufbau Haus

Exhibition at the design akademie berlin.
From Venice Design Week were selected 24 projects from design competitions of the last edition of Venice. They were also selected some Italian designers such as: the seat-cushion "Conka" of Federica Felisatti, Murano glass of Lisa Ferro, the project "take" an original table set inspired by a process of re-use of waste processing Pyrex of Kanz architects. Lamps and bracelets products with 3d printers from Todomodo design studio, some assembly systems for wood raw materials and fabrics to become "skin" of architectural spaces and structural element for design projects of Wood-skin.
The exhibition is organized by the Venice Design Week, sponsored by design33.it, sponsored by the design akademie berlin and the exhibition was curated by architects Da Rin and Perego.


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